Our Team

Mr. Tumpal Siregar (owner)

My name is Tumpal Siregar and I am the owner of the Sumatra Kopi Luwak, coffee is my life. I have been works for more than 40 years in Coffee, start from my father until my son, Simson Siregar. I am one of coffee supplier for exporter in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Kopi Luwak is one of the best coffee in the world, I can’t Doubt it cause I have taste it before and until now I am loving it very much than a regular/specialty coffee.  

I sounds that so many people want to try Kopi Luwak but no one knows where to get the original one, So I talk to my son to make a company that can supply original Kopi Luwak to the coffee lovers who want to taste kopi luwak, and we establish Sumatra Kopi Luwak.

Come, please explore our web site and don’t hesitate to order our product, cause we guarantee all of our product is the Original Kopi Luwak.Smile

Have a nice Shopping



Simson Siregar (Grader/tester n marketing Manager)

Hi, my name is simson Siregar, I have been 4 years in Sumatra Kopi Luwak. My duty is to make sure that what we are offer to our costumer is the best one. One of my responsibility is to test the kopi luwak whether it the real one or not. And I really enjoy it, and I am very happy each time our costumer said that they are very satisfied with our product n it make me more focus to explore kopi luwak.Smile



Lambas Rumintang (Manager)

My name Lambas Rumintang, I am the manager of Sumatra Kopi Luwak. My responsibility is to manage all thing in Sumatra Kopi Luwak, and I am enjoy it very Much. I am not expert of coffee, but I Love Kopi Luwak very much. Welcome to our company, please let us know if there is any question that bothering your mind about Kopi Luwak, we’ll response to you.Smile




Margareth Meyliana (Agency in Jakarta )

Hi, My name is Margareth meyliana. I am the agency of Sumatra Kopi Luwak in Jakarta, the capital city Of Indonesia. My responsibility is to handle the local market in Jakarta, if you are in Jakarta please come to us.

We will help you to know or buy Kopi Luwak.Smile



Hi my name is Rommy, I am one of two agency in jakarta the Capital City of Indonesia, I have been work for 2 years in Sumatra Kopi Luwak. I am glad to share about kopi luwak to any body. King of coffee people's says, and that's not myth or lie story, I have tried it before and I want you too taste it and claims thats the real king of Coffee.

Wellcome to our web site and please contact us if you have any problem want want to know more about the king of coffee. Smile