In this page we put all the testimony from our Costumer, Reseller, and Friends about our Kopi Luwak.

The flavor of coffee luwak was very strong, when you drink it for the first and soon, you will taste the chocolaty taste, biscuit and vegetable taste and of course the sweet aftertaste, so strong for the aroma, no acid and suitable for me as the old man
Mr. Effendi Wijaya, Q Grader in Sumatra Indonesia
Kopi Luwak is renowned for its unique and it complex flavor, the flavor of Kopi Luwak is thick and heavy, with a strong chocolaty taste also the sweet aftertaste stays in your mouth that makes you want to have one more sip of the coffee.
K Chan, Coffee Trainer in China
The flavor of the coffee itself is quite remarkable. It is everything coffee should be rich caramel, nuts and chocolate, thick and heavy.
Costumer newsletter in China

Dear Simson, We first tried your kopi luwak , very nice :) I am not a expert of coffee , but I can taste a honey taste, haha I can check with our Master Roaster to sent you any comment of your baby kopi luwak , thanks!

Miss Chan, The manager of Coffee Shop In China
All the aroma of kopi luwak fulfill all my room, my friend ask me to tell him when I want to order kopi luwak again
Mr. Giki Lin ,Coffee lovers from Taiwan
Very nice aroma, when you drink it you will feel your esophagus/throat warm just like drink a cup of Bandrek (Kind of drink from ginger), and make you want to get another sip of that coffee

Mr. Hutahaen, Coffee lover From Sumatra, Indonesia

Perfect very nice aroma, This Weekend Ill tried, Thanks
Mr. Matt Muchtar Hardi, Coffee Lover from Jakarta, Indonesia
Its the best coffee Ive ever tasted. Its really good, heavy with a caramel taste, heavy body. It smells musty and junglelike green, but it roasts up real nice.
Mr. Richard Karno, owner of The Novel Caf in Santa Monica, California USA.
It has a little of everything pleasurable in all coffees: earthy, musty tone, the heaviest bodied Ive ever tasted. Its almost syrupy, and the aroma is very unique.
M.P. Mountanos President Mark Mountanos, USA
Kopi Luwak has a very unique and distinguishable roasting smell and taste like no other coffee.
Linda Nederman , Owner of The Coffee Critic USA.
Very nice coffee, how can luwak do that?
Mr.Dolf Diederichsen, coffee lovers from Germany
A good Civet coffee is full-bodied, quite heavy and full in the cup, and perhaps even a bit syrupy. Civet coffee has a pleasant sweetness that may reveal hints of chocolate and a subtle caramel taste. The flavor of Civet coffee is complex with low levels of bitterness and acidity while revealing rich and strong aromatics. The high aroma gives and complex flavors give way to a lingering finish, an aftertaste that is long and clean.
Quote from www.espressocoffeeguide.com
Flav.... hmm... as far as i could remember i had a luwak from philippines. it was smooth, bright apple like acidity, heavy bodied and with herbal after taste
Sales Director in Yahava KoffeeWorks